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Search engine optimization (aka SEO), is the website optimization process that helps your website appear more on search engines. 

For startups & small businesses, we are tailored to chip in your brand or service to personage in the SERPs (Service Engine Result Pages).  


Our Agency offers following SEO services from an initial audit through to ongoing optimization. 

  • SEO Audits,

  • SEO Strategy and Planning,

  • Organic and Paid Campaign Strategy,

  • And, Keyword Research and Analysis.


We perceive that a triumphant SEO campaign needs regulated refit comprising search acquisition strategy, content optimization, etcetera for continual outcomes. Hence, we frame conglomerates which match your budget and objectives.

SEO is about regulating the relevant & traffic-driving keywords or phrases, and then using them in the front and back end of your website. So when people search for these keywords or phrases, the Search engine bots crawl on your website, and upon finding these keywords or phrases, they show your website on the Search Engine Page.

Although it sounds simple, effective SEO is way more than a keyword research. Search engines also take into account a website's seamlessness and instinctive user experiences.


Our  SEO Team prowess in boosting organic search ranking via techno-creative strategies, leading to more traffic and conversion. 

The process involves optimising your online content in order to achieve higher rankings for valuable keywords (or phrases) and ensure a search engine would show it in the top search results for those respective keywords.

We assist to generate organic, un-targeted traffic to your website from search engines through techniques, content and link building. Alongside, we can help you shoot up enquiries and sales on your website too. 

Local [Domestic] SEO

Business listing is an outstanding way to assist the local customers connect with your business. Creating your online business profile brings it to light resulting in supplementary reach. It also ensures your business accrue direct enquiries from potential local customers, about the services you propound. It’s clued up that customers apropos to take up the services from local businesses, because they find them reliable & get-at-able. Also, FAQs & customer reviews about the service gives the surfer a fine cognisance about your business. By keeping your listing informative, to the point, and up to the minute, you could outreach the local marketplace. 

We not only work at local content on the page but also on online reviews. Link building for local SEO is as acute as building one for SEO. We’ll help you get links from extremely reliable publications to upgrade the local ranking. We mind from on-page to off-site factors like Google my business, Bingplace, InsidersPage, etcetera.


We will help you to manage your profile so that you don’t have to fret.

Like other digital marketing spheres, Local SEO also calls for consistency and heed, to bring home the bacon. If your aim is to agonize in your business location then the focal point of your content should be that location. We will help you optimize the listing by creating & updating your business profile.

We’re also able to report on how well you perform based on the user’s location, giving you a total perspective of your website visibility. 

International SEO

International SEO is important when you urge to expand your business far beyond the geographical borders and reach a global audience. 


We help you achieve this by using our data-driven approach to create impactful SEO campaigns for multi-region websites, for your target audience. When you compete on a global scale, your digital strategy needs to be tailored according to the global market.

International SEO is about optimizing your website in order to extend the geo-targeting to an entire overseas.

Some principles of domestic SEO also apply to international SEO, but it’s not as simple as using keywords throughout the website content, irrespective of the language.

It’s a full fledged optimisation method to completely optimise your site in order to provide great user experience.


Mobile SEO


Creating mobile device specific content, to guarantee cheerful user experience over mobile devices is called Mobile optimization. Mobile Optimization is achieved via strategy, development and design for mobile devices that contemplate user tendency, readability, loading time and functionality. 

To help you understand the growing need for Mobile Optimization, consider the fact that this is the era of mobilization therefore businesses need to build their strategies accordingly, so as to attain their digital marketing objectives. A mobile-friendly site will be able to access the mobile based traffic and low bounce rate. Otherwise, it can lead to plonking organic rank.


Though mobile searchers are on the go and like to find information entering short search phrases and sometimes contribute to high bounce rate. On the contrary, desktop searchers take their time and think their search terms through. Therefore, mobile SEO requires a very different strategy than the desktop one, for which businesses need to adopt a mobile-first outlook. With this, they’d have an efficacious reach to mobile audiences.

Mobile and Desktop SEO share the same aim, that is: to acquire more visitors, leads and sales. 


Ecommerce SEO


E-commerce digital marketing is one of our claims to fame, that is, more exposure means more sales.

We deliver, from a mere PPC to full-fledged integrated campaigns, for a range of e-commerce brands across many sectors from clothing, luxury watches, home appliances, etcetera, leveraging our experience and techniques to obtain the optimal keyword bids, lowest CPC, and the considerate profit margin.

An E-Commerce SEO strategy is an accompaniment to PPC campaigns.

It is an organic technique that uplifts ranks, pertinent to your site and products according to the search keywords and phrases.


Combination of organic and paid methods can shoot your ROI sky high.


Besides Google, we extend services for Amazon, Magento, Shopify and Woocommerce platforms as well.

We perform a deep-dive analysis of your online store, such as Amazon store and generate monthly reports.

Thus, ensuring your strategy is persistently transmogrifying according to current market conditions and real-time data. This continuing analysis equips us to wipe out abortive and futile strategies, and burgeoning sales.


AppStore SEO

With a clear understanding of App (or Play) Stores and user tendencies, businesses can devise distinctive techniques to thrust app discoverability.

Improving the search rank and conversion rate of an app in the App (or Play) Store is called App (Play) Store Optimization. Since mobile users keep looking for new apps, ASO has become indispensable.

Our Agency assists businesses to upgrade their app search rank in the store.


Following are services we offer:

  • Mobile Site SEO [Responsive and Dedicated],

  • App/Play Store Optimization [iOS and Android],

  • Mobile Speed Optimization,

  • Mobile Content Development,

  • And, Mobile Site and App Development.

Image by Obi Onyeador

Video SEO

The emergence of video hosting sites (such as YouTube etcetera) and smartphones with HD cameras has given rise to a boom of video content. 

Video SEO helps your video to be listed and rank on the SERPs for relevant keywords or phrases search. In this day and age, well-nigh every website with noteworthy traffic has a video somewhere on it.

The core component to effective video SEO is high engagement.

Similarly, YouTube SEO is the process of optimizing your videos, playlists, and channel to rank high in YouTube’s organic search results for a given search query.

With our mastery in Video SEO (including YouTube SEO), we’ll assist you to optimize the videos and propel them to top SERPs. While we help you with polished search optimization of videos, you could invest more time on creating content in the interim.


SEO Training


Our SEO experts share their knowledge, experience and best practices for SEO with you.

By the end of the training, you’ll have an understanding of :

  • How to gain better click-through rate and search rankings,

  • How to build an optimal content plan for results page pre-eminence,

  • And, post training, we will assign you a POC to answer your questions (if you have any) later in time.

Our stalwart SEO pundits conduct the all-inclusive sessions creating a bespoke training package to ensure you learn everything that is relevant to your business model. This material will be shared with you.

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