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Pay Per Click is one of the mightiest and straightforward types of marketing services. It’s an exploited approach to publicize the business online, because it efflux instantaneous results.

It’s primarily remunerative for businesses seeking increased traffic volume on their websites over a short span, bidding against your competitors. Substantially, PPC is for businesses seeking maximal ROI. However, that doesn’t mean it’s suitable for biggies aka big budget business only.

PPC is usually carved up into search and display marketing. With PPC, we can help you to expand as efficacious as possible by coalescing the right tactics with expert implementation. Albeit, it is an accelerated way into digital advertising, if not executed correctly, it can turn into an expensive and dire zone. PPC campaigns need tailoring so that it suits your budget, and ensures ads are rendered to the right audience, on the right o’clock, for the righty rate.


We perform a pre-campaign research and assess the online competition, basis which we recommend to the client which channels & what budget is most compelling for their business to contest effective competition in that market. PPC at best works when the site gets right traffic driven, that’s why our PPC campaigns are conversion-focused, rather than just visibility or clicks.


We offer the following services:

  • PPC Set up, Monitoring and Cost Management,

  • Campaign Health-Checks and Targeting,

  • Existing Ad Account Auditing,

  • Keyword Discovery and Selection,

  • Text and Display Ad Creation,

  • Shopping Ad Management,

  • Conversion and Call Tracking,

  • Landing Page Optimization,

  • Mobile Optimization,

  • And, Reporting.


We offer aforementioned services for these channels →  Google Ads, Paid Social, Bing Ads, Google Shopping, Programmatic & Remarketing.

With our exhaustive expertise in these channels, we’ll develop a strategy plan and optimize it for efficacious expansion.

Google Search Ads

Google Ads (formerly AdWords) is a lead-generation machine, which assists businesses to achieve amazing results. It offers businesses with the channel to be seen at the top position on their search results page via paid search, shopping and display campaigns.


Unalike organic listings, Search Ads thrust directly to the top of Google’s SERP. Google Ads is an exemplary approach to gain profitable results for your business without staying put.

Our agency tailors our online marketing strategy to help you meet your objectives, whether that be skyrocketing brand awareness , burgeoning online sales, proliferating online visibility, or and the ROI.

Yes, we provide commodious ROI conversion tracking to ensure you gain honest-to-goodness value from your Google Ads campaign.

Google Display Ads

Online advertising isn’t restricted to ad emplacement on SERPs, Paid Search and Google Shopping. You could also target customers via Google Display Network and YouTube. 

You could render ads in multi-formats such as text, banners, interactive and video ads. Display campaigns run on loads of ad networks, including the Google Display Network or Google Marketing Platform. 

Our Agency has an understanding of a complete Google Marketing Platform suite with full access to programmatic display and video advertising through DV360.


We’ll work with you to select the websites on which you desire to render your ads, or we can also let the networks automatically choose for you looking at your products or targeted audience.

Remarketing Ads

Display Advertising paves the way for one of the riveting techniques in digital marketing in time: ‘Remarketing’.

That is,  if a potential customer leaves their shopping cart without making a purchase, then the viewed product appears in banners on other sites they browse on the web. So that even after a customer abandons your site, your products stay on their mind - and on their screen. Thus, your brand can target users who have been on your website or engaged with your services previously but did not convert for some reason. 

Google classifies the Remarketing into following categories:

  • Standard Remarketing: render ads to previous visitors as they surf sites and apps on the Display Network.​

  •  Dynamic Remarketing: render ads that include products or services that visitors viewed on your website or app. ​

  • Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RSA): render ads to your previous visitors who after leaving your website continue to search on Google what they need.

  • Customer List Remarketing (CLR): You need to upload lists of customer’s contact information they shared with you. When those users login to Google, you can show them ads across various Google products.

  • Video Remarketing: render ads to those viewers who have previously interacted with your YouTube videos, when they use YouTube or browse Display Network videos, websites, and apps. ​​

Microsoft  Advertising

Bing advertising is a great way to gain competitive advantage. Bing Ads has been rebranded to Microsoft Advertising.


Albeit, it takes the second position (after Google), the average time spent on Bing is 23% higher than on Google, as well as a 4.2% higher order value than searches on Google. 

PPC marketing using Bing Ads is reasonable as well, since it has a lower CPC than Google Ads, approximately 60%. Thus, you could get better returns on investment (ROI).

If your competitors aren’t on Bing yet, it would be a pronounced step to acquire the upper hand.

Please don’t be convinced that Bing should be a substitute to Google, but preferably in line with your Google activity. This way you will have an all-inclusive digital marketing strategy set up for your business.


Only a few agencies could perform an organized Microsoft Advertising management and we are amongst them. Our marketers have thorough learning and understanding of this platform,  we partner with it and became experts at it. If you ask us, we would always say that Microsoft ads are as important as Google ads.

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