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E-commerce as the name is, deals with the online stores or selling a product online. 

If you want to promote your online then E-commerce marketing is what you'd need to adopt. E-commerce marketing also comes into picture when you want to drive more sales for a specific product(s) or increase the online sales. Our Agency will assist you in integrate your store with Instagram and creating a Facebook store. We shall ensure that there would be no possible frequent abandoned carts, by creating campaigns that would convince your visitors to revisit and complete their purchase.

What if your store is poorly designed and appears untrustworthy, perhaps which is why you'd be losing customers. Don't you worry, we shall help you out with ideas to make it bright and attractive. We shall pitch in the clear value proposition or eradicate the confusing page navigation and design mistakes. Besides, that properly segmenting the products on the page is of great importance, keeping right balance between text and visuals. We shall help you get over all these roadblocks seamlessly by sharing our combo pack of marketing services not restricting back to E-commerce marketing alone but adding assistance from other services such as website audit, content audit to website design and also email marketing.

 We are aware of the fact that, every person does a Google search in a day on an average contributing to the billions of searches per day on Google. This also means, it's he first place to go for any shopaholic or an in market audience to seek for a product or service. 


Basically, either it's a search for  products, product related reviews or videos and also comparing images of a product from different stores or manufacturers, it is almost every single time on Google.

Unlike other e-commerce store advertising, most of the times, Google Shopping ads appear “above the fold”  on the Google search page. That is, before any organic search results, in fact, before a Search or Text Ads from or on Google.

Our eCommerce Marketing Services
Google Shopping Ads

When a user searches for a product to buy online, Google Shopping enables eCommerce stores to show that specific product to those potential customers on the Google Search page. Shopping Ads will the details of that product such as its picture, price, discount, name and the name of your eCommerce store. 

Google Shopping is a juxtaposition shopping engine, it lets retailers promote their products to customers in a visual alluring format.


Our Agency has a good understanding to drive higher conversion rates and more profitable Google Shopping CPAs.

While Search campaigns are a large focus of most Google Ads accounts, broadening the horizon to Google Shopping and Google Display Network can be a pronounced way to achieve augmented performance.

Shopping campaigns are the way out for e-commerce retailers wanting to drive high performance over their product inventory. If sales are what you sought after, you can increase the profitability and achieve desired ROI goals by using Google Shopping campaigns.

By using shopping campaigns to list your products which you’re selling online , you’ll enter a huge channel for sales. That means your products will appear on Google’s Shopping tab and SERPs.

Whether you have not listed your products on Google Shopping or have been using Google Shopping but not getting the results you want, in either case, we shall assist you to add your products to this channel and assure that your Google shopping listings deliver the due sales. 

Through systematic monthly management, wasted spend can be reduced and high performing areas can be identified and exploited.

Google Shopping Feeds

A data feed is a folder/file comprising the attributes of your product. You could also called it as a product catalogue spreadsheet.

Setting the right details is an important task, otherwise products could be flagged and also disapproved if they violate the Google policy. There are a wide variety of reasons to disapprove including image quality, irrelevant descriptions, etcetera.


We work through resolving these issues to make sure all of your products are approved and displayed on the top of the search page.

Not only limited to this, we also provide feed optimisation service to ensure your product is displayed to the right user at right time.

Feed Optimisation

Feeds are crucial, if you're investing in marketplace and comparison shopping. It becomes easy for the platform to utilize your information when you optimise these feeds, thus improving ad visibility and conversions. Feed optimisation is ensuring an ad high chance of being rendered to a user when he is most ready to buy. 

We set up a feed, expand and refine it as mentioned below:

Feed Setup

This is the foundation of a feed’s success. A feed has to be set up adhering to the platform specifications in mind  so that you could render your ads. We review the feed to identify missing requirements (if there are any) and then work with the client to fill those requirements.

Feed Expansion

To improve a feed’s presence on the SERPs, we have options to add additional attributes to it. We identify these value adding attributes and enhance the chances of rendering an ad at the event when the user is most ready to buy.

Feed Refinement

We test and refine attributes such as ad messaging, photos usage, customised rules, ad scripts etcetera, to improve conversion rate.

Amazon Advertising

Amazon is  the world’s biggest eCommerce platform, which offers  businesses massive opportunities to reach new buyers and shopping enthusiast, which leads in achieving all-time highs for sales, and much more.

Our experts would assist you with the Amazon PPC management services. With our custom and data-driven strategies, we shall help your products lower its Advertising Cost of Sale (ACoS) but increasing its sales and market share.

Start generating more revenue from Amazon ads, like Sponsored Products, with our Amazon PPC services, which include regular reporting, a dedicated account manager, and proactive bid management, by requesting a proposal today!

With Adspolitan as your marketing assistance, you could improve your ranking in amazon search results. Also, you could develop attractive ad strategies which leads your products viewable to potential user on the Amazon marketplace.

Today, Amazon features more than 1 million third-party sellers, which means your business has a huge list of competitors.


While SEO helps improve the rank of your products in SERPs, we all know PPC advertising offers a competitive edge too.

With Sponsored Product Ads, Sponsored Brands, and Product Display Ads in Amazon, you can earn a premium placement in search results, product detail pages, and more. 

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