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Get rid of irrelevant ads shown to you on your Facebook & Instagram accounts.

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

It’s very important to understand that the ads that you see on Facebook & Instagram are personalized per your interest and browsing actions. The information that you update on these platforms helps Facebook to choose the ads for you that they think would interest you. The information could be anything from updating your hobbies & interests on your profile, to liking or following a page/product/person.

Besides that, the ads or promotions you click are also considered to show you similar ads.

You should be aware that there’s more to it that leads to showing you ads on these platforms.

Continue reading some of them are as is:

Information shared by an advertiser/business and GPS:

When you visit a store and make a purchase, the business tracks your details as a customer information (such as email address, home address, demographics, etcetera). The advertiser creates a custom audience list based on how the visitors have interacted with their business, such as window shopping, enquired about a product, made a purchase, etcetera.

This custom audience list is shared with the platforms.

Also, the advertisers reach out to these platforms to render their ads to people that share similar interests. Assuming those people would be interested in their product or business since they share similar interests. Facebook then targets the similar (aka lookalike) audiences to show their ads online.

GPS or location sharing also plays a vital role in showing you ads from a business or advertiser nearby or in that location.

Facebook gets this information when you use your phone (and internet connection) at or from your place, and when you link or tag your location on your profile.

Customize your ad preferences:

If you notice you’re being spammed by irrelevant and too many ads, these platforms give you an option to hide, block & also report those ads. You could update your ad preferences in the settings but that would not do it all. You also need to take a look at the privacy policy and share your consent, with whom are you ok sharing your information and to what level.

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